China National Day Activity News Center Realizes Full Coverage Of 5G Network

Date:Sep 30, 2019


On September 25th, it is understood that the China National Day News Center has achieved full coverage of 5G network.

Since the beginning of this year, China's capital Beijing Tiananmen core area, along Chang'an Avenue, Beijing City Sub-center, Daxing New Airport and other places have carried out 5G network coverage work in key areas. In the report on the 70th anniversary of the founding of China, some news media will use ultra-high-definition video transmission with 5G network + 4K resolution and 5G network + 8K resolution. Beijing Unicom will strengthen dual Gigabit and 5G network security to provide stable high speed. Secure communication service. After several previous tests, the results were satisfactory. It is understood that the communication services provided by the news center for Chinese and foreign journalists include: full coverage of 5G networks, Internet services (including WLAN), 5G/4G network service acceptance, and card sales services.

The news center, which is a large-scale national celebration, also set up a media experience room for the first time to provide journalists with experience services under the 5G network. The reporter saw at the scene that China International Television (CGTN) used AI, VR, AR and other technologies to launch three-dimensional interactive video, which can be used to display the full picture of Beijing Daxing International Airport through panoramic, stereoscopic and data-based methods. The interpreter enters the virtual airport through the mobile phone and then leads the guests as if they are visiting the internal facilities of the terminal. The guest can also get a virtual boarding pass.

Among them, the high technology content is the main feature of the National Day celebrations. Relying on light and shadow art and high technology, the party activities are more three-dimensional, and 3,290 staff members hold light and shadow screens to form a scene with strong visual impact and jubilation.