China Plans To Reform The Radio Association, Which Will Be Separated From The Administrative Organs

Date:Jul 15, 2019

Preparation method The“Implementation Opinions on the Separation and Reform of Chamber of Commerce and Administrative Organs of the Industry Association” issued by the website of the National Development and Reform Commission recently clarified that in accordance with the principle of de-administration, the requirements of “five separations and five norms” should be implemented to fully realize the association and administration. Separation of organs.

Among them, the opinion pointed out that the associations of several communication industries such as China Communications Standards Association and China Radio Association should be separated from the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology.

It is understood that there are 795 chambers of associations of national industry associations listed on the separation list, of which 422 have been separated and 373 are to be separated. China Mobile Communications Association, China Communications Industry Association, China Communications Standards Association, China Communications Enterprise Association, China Radio Association, China Internet Association and other related communication field associations with the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology are all on the separation list. Some of them have been separated, and China Communications Standards Association, China Radio Association, and China Internet Association are proposed to be separated.

The opinions require that the principle of “should be separated and separated” should be adhered to. All trade associations that meet the requirements and are included in the scope of reform must be separated from the administrative organs and accelerate to become social organizations that are legally established, self-organized, service-oriented, governance-oriented, and self-disciplined.

At the same time, the opinions are required to adhere to the main responsibility of the competent unit. The competent business unit shall carefully organize and guide the trade associations of the industry associations to effectively complete the separation and reform tasks, actively coordinate and solve the problems arising in the separation process, and shall not use the notices, statements or conferences to communicate in advance. The Chamber of Commerce of Industry Associations should effectively implement various reform tasks as required.

The opinion also requires adherence to the working mechanism of coordinated advancement. The Association of Chambers of Commerce and the separation of administrative agencies is responsible for guiding the reform work. The separation and reform of the Chamber of Commerce of the National Industry Association was led by the Ministry of Civil Affairs. The separation and reform of the Chamber of Commerce of local industry associations was carried out by the separation and joint working mechanism at all levels. The development and reform, civil affairs, organization (social organization party construction work organization), finance, human resources and social security and other functional departments and industry management departments work together to do a good job of separation.