China Radio Conference 2019 Successfully Held In Beijing

Date:Nov 12, 2019


From November 6th to 7th, 2019, the China Radio Conference 2019 , hosted by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology and sponsored by the China Radio Association, was successfully held in Beijing.

Zhang Feng, a member of the Communist Party of China's Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, pointed out that it is necessary to accurately grasp the trend of radio technology and application development, further play the role of radio spectrum resources, and promote the sustainable development of the radio industry.

The first is to promote the more efficient use of radio spectrum resources.

The second is to create a policy environment conducive to the development of radio technology and applications.

The third is to investigate and protect both, and effectively maintain a good airwave order.

The former Minister of Information Industry of China, Wu Jichuan, also said that in order to better promote the use of radio frequencies and strictly control the development of radio frequencies, after the establishment of the property law, the spectrum resources are owned by the state, and the China Radio Association should promote the introduction of radio laws by the state. Act in accordance with the law.china_radio_conference_2019

Wang Zhiqin, vice president of China Information and Communication Research Institute, said in a speech that China is actively deploying 5G network base stations, and 86,000 have been built. It is expected to exceed 130,000 by the end of the year.

This conference showcases new technologies and solutions for radio technology, covering terminals, chips, network equipment, big data services and service applications, from 4G networks to 5G networks, from narrowband channels to broadband channels, from private networks. To the public network, the combination of public and private networks, broadband and narrowband, covering all fields, and in many areas such as urban emergency management, transportation, energy, etc., how to better realize people and people in multiple scenarios and cases, Communication between things.

The conference demonstrated the achievements of the industrial development in the radio field and new development trends. At the same time, it also deepened the exchanges and cooperation between the various parties in the industry, provided exchange opportunities for the development of the communications industry, and achieved positive exchange results.