China Shenzhen Metro Line 11 Trial 5G Wireless Communication

Date:May 23, 2019


On May 20, 2019, the "Global First Metro 5G Communication" conference was held in the Zhuzilin Depot of the Shenzhen Metro Operation Company. The leaders of the Shenzhen Metro Group, the leaders of Huawei, the experts of the Rail Transit Design Institute and dozens of media reporters jointly Witnessed the 5G speed. In the future, 5G technology will take root in all areas of the metro to help Shenzhen's transportation to the next level.

5G communication of the metro is to timely transmit the in-vehicle data to the stations, depots, parking lots and other subordinates during the high-speed operation of the train to realize the passengers' condition, train equipment, operating status, tunnels, etc. monitor.

"In order to meet the safety and convenience of passenger travel, each car of the metro is equipped with multiple cameras, ranging from 2 to 8, from analog to SD, and from HD to Ultra HD." The person in charge said that the development of technology has brought new challenges. "Car data needs to be transmitted to the ground, and the video has the largest capacity.

A train running a 1 hour 5G network will generate approximately 25 GB of data. Constrained by the current state of the art, the current wireless network bandwidth is insufficient, the transmission rate is unstable, and the data cannot be downloaded in time. It can only be stored in the hard disk of the car. After the train goes offline, it will be copied by the manual. Not only is it time consuming. Force, reliability and real-time performance can not be guaranteed, directly affecting the metro dispatching quickly and smoothly to view train monitoring, and it has become a bottleneck for the operation and maintenance of the subway.

Now, 5G wireless communication technology will undoubtedly change this. According to the technician, "5G millimeter wave transmission can achieve automatic alignment, automatic connection, automatic identity authentication and automatic uploading. There is no need to intervene in the whole process. The transmission rate exceeds 1.5Gbps, and 4G wireless communication is compared with ordinary trains. High-speed rail." In addition, 5G communication uses the UHF millimeter wave band, and its technology makes the data transmission interference almost zero, which is very safe.

In the future, the Shenzhen Metro will also deploy equipment, at which time the transmission rate will be doubled, and 50 GB of data can be transmitted in both directions in 150 seconds. “In the past, the video of the car was manually copied by people. It takes at least 2 hours, and the same amount of data takes only 150 seconds through the system, and no manual intervention is required. Not only the timely monitoring of the video realizes the monitoring of the car, but also the train is subject to The monitoring data of train equipment such as electric bows and bogies can realize the health management and status analysis of equipment safely and efficiently, and further improve the safety of metro operation.” The person in charge of Shenzhen Metro added.shenzhen-metro-5G-conference(3)

The 5G communication technology piloted by Shenzhen Metro is the first application of 5G technology in the global urban rail transit industry. The technology is easy to deploy, and only needs to increase the base station in trains, stations, parking lots, depots, etc., without large-scale operation in the metro tunnel, the engineering difficulty is low, the transformation cost is small, and the maintainability is strong.

5G communication technology, based on a new end-to-end architecture, adopts new frequency bands, multiple antennas, beamforming and other technologies, with features such as high bandwidth, low latency, and large-scale connectivity. These features will undoubtedly be applied more and more. In other scenarios of rail transit operations.

“5G technology is like opening a door. All the data transmission work in the metro operation and production can be used to reach a new height, and can also be extended to multiple metro scenarios. For example, when an emergency occurs. 5G communication can be used with face recognition and intelligent behavior analysis to help lock dangerous people in the car and identify dangerous behaviors in time, and enhance travel safety. With the analysis system, the equipment plan can be upgraded and the life cycle management can be realized. The various advantages of the 5G network are endless.” The person in charge of the Shenzhen Metro said, “The functions of warnings and automatic tracing of passengers in the long-term passengers are also expected to be based on this technology.”