China Telecom Held A Large-scale Emergency Communication Drill In Hubei Province

Date:Jul 18, 2019

China Telecom held a large-scale emergency communication drill

On July 12, China Telecom held a large-scale emergency communication support drill in Huanghua, Hubei Province, China, to simulate the ability to recover and secure communications when major floods and communication base station users surged. This is by far the largest emergency communications drill in Hubei.

Li Hongbin, head of China Telecom's network operation department, introduced the emergency communication support drill called "2019 Jiangcheng Liangjian·Network Wing Union" with the background of "anti-mite relief" and "7th World Military Games Communication Guarantee". The telecommunications company hosted and assembled 12 emergency support teams from the School of Information and Communication of National University of Defense Technology, Hubei Fire Fighting Rescue Team and China Telecom Central and Southern Region, Northwest Region and Southwest Region, with more than 200 people and 203 sets of emergency communications. Equipment and 55 emergency communication vehicles participated.

At the drill site, the emergency support team carried emergency equipment such as Tiantong satellite phone, satellite portable station, and inflatable tent to quickly solve the communication problem. At the same time, the transmission failure is eliminated and the faulty cable is connected. Afterwards, the technicians gradually opened the national emergency command communication vehicle, the mobile station short-wave radio vehicle, the large emergency power supply vehicle and other equipment to improve the on-site command center. Finally, according to the situation on the spot and the number of users, gradually launch small, medium and large types of emergency communication vehicle equipment, and resume services such as voice communication and data access.

At the scene, dozens of 5G emergency communication support vehicles were displayed. Wei Huichao, deputy director of the Mobile Department of Hubei Telecom Mobile Communications Bureau, said that the 5G emergency communication support vehicle can not only fully guarantee the smooth communication network of the World Military Games venues and its surrounding areas, but also realize 5G speed download, 5G network and Augmented Reality (AR) technology. Security, 360-degree panoramic live broadcast and other business applications.

From accepting orders and assembling teams to completing the above tasks, it takes only 50 minutes to build satellite communications, wireless Internet access, video transmission channels, and voices for 10,000-meter users. Data, WiFi network.

Escorting the World Military Games

The vitality of a city, bringing together millions of people, is a powerful challenge to network technology. In order to implement the requirements of the Provincial Party Committee and the Provincial Communications Administration for the high-quality preparation of the World Military Games and the communication security during the competition, Hubei Telecom established network construction, venue security, platform guarantee, wireless security, emergency communication support, The working group such as network information security provides comprehensive protection for the 7th World Military Games.

Professional support 35 venue network optimization upgrade

It is reported that this World Military Games will involve 35 competition venues, including 21 venues and 14 outdoor competition areas. In order to create a good communication experience, Hubei Telecom will assign professional working groups to comprehensively cover the venues, outdoor areas, races, trunks, transportation hubs and important business districts to optimize and upgrade the network experience.

The 5G trial network of the World Military Games will be built to provide 4G and 5G network signals for all outdoor and indoor competition venues. To build a dedicated communication network for the World Military Games, to carry out the key information applications of the World Military Games event management, timing scores, grade system, TV subtitles, information release, etc. At present, Hubei Telecom has cooperated with the organizing committee to complete basketball, sailing, fencing, archery, military Five other 39 test match drills. Prepare emergency equipment and spare parts to strengthen maintenance and repair of emergency vehicles, emergency power supplies, satellite phones, radio base stations and other equipment. Organize special personnel to provide on-site communication service, provide bilingual service for the No. 10000 and self-operated halls during the competition; at the same time, the business office around the venue is planned to be equipped with “translation machine” to meet the business needs of foreigners.

Full coverage of 5G network

Taking advantage of the "Army Movement" Dongfeng, the construction of telecommunications 5G is fast. Ma Li, director of the mobile department of Hubei Telecom Mobile Communications Bureau, said that by the end of August, China Telecom will open 2,000 base stations in Han, at that time, the provincial, municipal and district level party and government military agencies, and the hotspots within the third ring of Wuhan. Both will fully realize 5G network coverage. In addition, China Telecom has invested hundreds of millions of yuan to build private network equipment, backbone optical cable, backup, network equipment, and millions of yuan for the World Military Games emergency support system and emergency communication vehicle equipment transformation. During the World Military Games, more than 60 5G emergency communication support vehicles will be deployed nationwide to fully guarantee the 5G communication network of all venues and their surrounding areas.

Different from the ordinary emergency communication support vehicle, in addition to the satellite antenna at the top of the 5G emergency support vehicle, there is also a set of 5G base station antennas that can be lifted and lowered. The antenna length and width are 70 cm and 50 cm respectively, and the surrounding area can be 360 degrees. With full-scale 5G signal coverage, the antenna volume is reduced by more than half compared to 4G base stations.

With the 5G emergency communication support vehicle, multi-channel 4K HD live broadcast is possible. At the China Telecom Hubei Transmission Bureau laboratory, a 4K HDTV broadcasts the programs of 16 Internet TV stations on one screen. Chen Haopeng, engineer of China Telecom's Hubei Transmission Bureau Network Optimization Center, said that the 360-degree panoramic camera will be used during the World Military Games to achieve a qualitative leap in live broadcast technology.

5G network changes society

As a new generation communication technology, 5G network has the characteristics of high speed, large capacity, low delay, etc. It can be used in various life and work fields such as competition, medical treatment, transportation, education, etc., bringing new development driving force to the whole industry.

At present, China Telecom has achieved many breakthrough results. China Telecom's 5G network has been tested in industries covering transportation, water, military, medical, education, and port industries, as well as artificial intelligence, augmented reality (AR), virtual reality (VR), and mixed reality (MR). Consumer personal applications.