China Telecom Provides Satellite Communications Services

Date:Jan 13, 2020


China Telecom's satellite mobile communication system achieves full coverage of China's territory and territorial waters, providing users with all-weather, all-day, stable and reliable mobile communication services.

Users can use satellite mobile phones or terminals in the satellite service area to perform voice, short message, data communication and location services. The satellite service uses the mobile phone number of No. 1740 as the service number, and has realized interconnection and communication with the communication networks of domestic and foreign communication operators.

Everyone knows that the signal transmission of satellite phones mainly depends on satellites, and the mobile phones we use daily communicate through ground base stations. This means that satellite phones enable "communication with anyone, anywhere, at any time". Never again encounter the embarrassing state of "out of service area".

In addition, the satellite mobile communication system is China's first satellite mobile communication system, with wide-area coverage, all-weather communication and other features. It has realized the research and development and production of satellites, chips, terminals, and gateways, ensuring the security of user communications.

At present, the monthly package for satellite phone voice is 100 yuan, including 60 minutes of domestic calls; the annual package is 1,000 yuan, including 750 minutes of domestic calls. The monthly data package is 300 yuan, including 20MB domestic traffic; the annual package is 3,000 yuan, including 240MB traffic.

At present, 25 satellite phones have obtained network access licenses issued by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, including handheld, vehicle, and shipborne types.