Classic Broadband Receiver AR8200 Completely Discontinued

Date:Feb 26, 2020



On February 18, 2020, AOR Co., Ltd. announced that its portable broadband receiver "AR8200 MARK3" has been discontinued. The manufacturer said: "We tried to maintain quality through repeated improvements, but due to difficulties in purchasing parts, we decided to stop production." The company will continue to provide after-sales services such as maintenance.

It is reported that there are three models of the AR8200, the first "AR8200" came out in 1998. Later, the second-generation version of "AR8200MARK2" was launched in 2000, while the current "AR8200MARK3" was released in 2002. Due to its comprehensive coverage in the analog mode of 530kHz to 3000MHz, it has been widely used by radio reception enthusiasts for many years, and provides a variety of function expansion cards, and it has the ability to reduce cross-modulation and is not vulnerable to external The effect of noise.