Communication Will Not Be Interrupted In Konak During The Disaster

Date:Jan 15, 2021

Konak Municipality with Turkey Radio Amateurs Society with the cooperation protocol signed between İzmir Konak Branch, strengthened measures against disasters and emergency situations. With the protocol signed, it was decided to establish a Disaster Communication and Coordination Station that could communicate with all parts of the world using radio waves, even if all communication systems collapsed in a possible disaster or emergency.

Konak Municipality and Turkey Radio Amateurs Society (TRAC) Izmir Branch of potential disasters and emergencies across Mansions people with the cooperation protocol arranged between the life and property safety steps taken for the protection added another new one. TRAC Branch Vice President Ali Rıza Özsaran, Board Member Ömür Hüneröz and Burak Abatay and Konak Municipality Council Member Ahmet Yeniçırak were also present at the signing ceremony of the protocol, which was realized with the mutual signatures of Konak Mayor Abdül Batur and TRAC İzmir Branch President Gökçe Doğan. Within the scope of the protocol, it was decided to establish a Disaster Communication and Coordination Station in Konak to ensure communication and coordination in cases where communication may be interrupted such as natural disasters. Reminding the ongoing pandemic and the earthquake disaster that took place in İzmir on October 30th, Mayor Batur pointed out the importance of taking measures against disasters and said, “We hope that there will not be a disaster, but we also take our precautions. “Our protocol will be beneficial for both institutions”.



Stating that we were faced with unprecedented disasters, especially the pandemic in 2020 and the earthquake in İzmir, Mayor Batur drew attention to the importance of their cooperation. Stating that they started negotiations with TRAC before the earthquake in Izmir, Batur said, “We were in contact with TRAC and AKUT before the earthquake. The first steps of the protocol we signed today were taken then. We encountered many disasters in 2020; We have experienced all kinds of disasters since the climate and environmental conditions changed. We are happy to implement the good work that came to us in this regard and to work with TRAC. After that, we will work together. We wish there was no disaster, but we are also taking our precautions. "May our protocol be beneficial for both institutions".


Turkey Radio Amateurs Society Izmir Branch President Gokce Dogan's disaster taking lessons from Underlining the need to work together to Izmir, "we live in this disaster need to remove evaluate courses like a very long exercise. Having experienced this earthquake on the issues we started to work on with you has also been a whip. We learned lessons according to ourselves, we saw our shortcomings and made our determinations. We hope to do good work for our city together. "Our aim is to save lives, we will be stronger with the support of Konak Municipality."


With the protocol signed between Konak Municipality and TRAC İzmir Branch, joint work will be carried out to be prepared for communication and coordination problems that may occur during possible disasters and emergencies. Infrastructure will be established for emergency wireless communication online services and alternative communication systems against the risk of the usual communication systems becoming unusable in the event of a disaster. Thus, in emergencies, citizens will be able to quickly convey their emergency requests, and instantly contact with neighboring district and provincial municipalities will be provided. By establishing a Disaster Communication and Coordination Station at a high altitude point to be determined within the boundaries of Konak district, in any disaster or emergency, even if all other communication systems are shut down, Konak will remain in contact with every point of the world. With the communication to be established with radio waves, uninterrupted communication will be provided with all state institutions, search and rescue teams, non-governmental organizations.