Delaware County Voters In The U.S. Approved 911 Operating Tax

Date:Nov 09, 2020



Voters in Delaware County, Pennsylvania in the United States on Tuesday approved the five-year 911 emergency center operating costs.

The tax is an update of the 911 taxes and fees that have existed in the county since 1989 and an increase of 0.05 mm. The county reported on the county’s tax and fee emergency communications services, as found at the Delaware County Emergency Communications 911 Center in Sandusky. street.

According to the Delaware County Election Commission, taxation received 61,889 votes (58.99%) in favor and 43,022 votes (41.01%) against it.

This taxation will generate 4.5 million U.S. dollars each year. After the current taxation expires in 2021, the taxation will begin in 2022.

Delaware County Emergency Communications Director Patrick Brandt said Wednesday that he is grateful that the levy has received active public support.

Brandt said: "My team and I would like to thank voters in Delaware County for their continued support of our actions." "The 911 Center staff is a hardworking and dedicated team, always here to help residents, guests or visitors. ."

Brandt added that the passage of the levy confirms the community's trust in the agency, and he said the increased funds will be used to improve the county's technology.

Brandt said: "As our tax rate approaches 60% (informally) passed, it shows that our community supports our operations and trusts ourselves and our team." "After passing, we will continue to serve as a public safety agency. Replace the radio, replace the buildings on the tower, and continue to find ways to improve operations and provide assistance to residents, guests and tourists in the county."

The county reported that in 2019, the Delaware County Emergency Communications 911 Center handled 40,794 emergency 911 calls and 65,956 non-emergency administrative calls.

The county reported that the 911 center was also operating a communications system for first responders in Delaware County and maintaining the portable and mobile radios used by these forces. According to Delaware County, in 2019, the radio system processed 6,659,414 “communication request” interactions from first responders.