During The Quarantine Of The New Coronavirus, The Signal In The Tyumen Region Of Russia Was Unstable

Date:Apr 21, 2020



Under quarantine conditions, the village of Zabolotye, Tyumen, Russia, has not established stable communications against coronaviruses. Since the 3G network was switched to the 4G network, cellular communication in the eight villages of the settlements of Achir and Laitamak has been intermittent. Therefore, a resident of Zabolotti said that in an emergency, the residents of the settlement will not be able to contact the "mainland" and students will not be able to conduct distance learning.

"Previously, satellite public telephones were installed in villages, and emergency services could be contacted if needed. A local resident said that they have now moved to cellular communications, and this communication goes with the wind. He also pointed out that all school children are Being sent home for distance learning, no one can successfully complete homework and take online courses.

The authorities of Achira rural settlements (three villages) and Laitamak settlements (five villages) reported that they have resolved this issue to all superior departments and Tele2 (owned by Rostelecom), which is the only supply of this type Services in Zabolotye. "We received an appeal on this issue and we made a request to Rostelecom until we received a reply," the Tobolsk regional government said.

The Ural branch of Tele2 reported that they are aware of mobile network problems in Zabolotye. Now, because the area is inaccessible, they cannot correct the situation in a short time. Zabolotye ’s Tele2 network modernization measures have been suspended due to the early start of spring and the temporary disruption of ground traffic in the area. Once the aviation service is restored, operators will continue to work hard to improve the network, ", Tele2 explained in the Ural Macro News Service.

It is said that Zabolotye in Tyumen has no medical staff. Earlier, a new coronavirus outbreak occurred in Achira village in the area.