Ecuador Demonstrations Have Intensified And The Country Has Entered A State Of Emergency

- Oct 11, 2019-


On October 3, a large-scale demonstration broke out in Ecuador, and people protested against the economic reforms implemented by the government. From the end of last month to this month, Ecuador has been demonstrating activities. The key is that the large-scale demonstrations have intensified and the situation has completely lost control. Ecuadorian President Moreno announced on the 3rd that the country has entered a 60-day state of emergency to deal with the public transport industry. Declare the chaos caused by the strike to society. It is important to know that large-scale demonstrations have already had a serious impact on Ecuador. Moreno said that in order to maintain social order and protect citizens' safety and prevent the risks of public safety caused by protests, the government decided to implement a state of emergency.

On October 5, Ecuador’s Minister of Internal Affairs Romo said that during the anti-gasoline price increase in Ecuador, the number of police arrests rose to 350. The Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ecuador stated that the police arrested 275 people and injured 28 policemen. Romo said: "According to the data at 9:00 am, the Ecuadorian security forces arrested 350 demonstrators within 24 hours, most of them were in Guayaquil, a total of 159 people, and secondly arrested 118 people in Quito. ". Obviously, this demonstration has affected the normal operation of the country, and the traffic in the country has been two days. This caused flight delays or cancellations, including international flights.

Before the protests intensified, Moreno announced that he would move the Ecuadorian government headquarters from Quito to Guayaquil, claiming that the “Ecuadorian peace and tranquility” had been placed on his own welfare.

The head of state of Ecuador confirmed that he had placed the “peace and tranquility of the Ecuadorian people” above his own welfare. He said: "Robbery, vandalism and violence show that organized political intentions here undermine government stability and undermine order."