Egypt First National Cybersecurity Conference Open

Date:Dec 11, 2019



On 12.1, 2019, the Minister of Communications and Information Technology of Egypt, Amr Talaat, hosted the event of the first Egyptian National Cybersecurity Conference organized by the National Communications Regulatory Authority. The center held an international exhibition at the Egyptian Center from December 2 to 4 , In conjunction with Cairo International Communications and Information Technology Conference & Exhibition "Cairo ICT".

The Minister of Communications pointed out that cyber security is one of the most important pillars of Egypt's digital strategy, and one of the main pillars of smart technology-based economies, and noted that achieving cyber security is a shared responsibility of all sectors of the country.

Talaat pointed out that Egypt's performance and efficiency indicators have been improved in response to electronic threats, crisis management and cyber crime.

Regarding the speed of the Internet, the Minister of Communications Talaat said that in November 2019, the average Internet speed in Egypt was 18Mbps: "We expect the Internet speed to reach 20Mbps by the end of this year." The Minister of Transport explained some issues related to Internet speed, He said, "There are 3 reasons. The first is that the router is old. This is why Egypt Telecom launched a campaign to replace the old router by paying a 5 pound fee.

He continued: "If the router is new, customers can request the company they contract with to review internal lines and place the router at home because these factors affect the speed of the Internet network, and if it is behind a wall, the Internet speed will be Affected, and if the router's wires are close to the wires, the power, Internet speed will also be affected.

He added that work is also underway to improve the electric kiosks that exist on the street: `` Some areas are densely populated and some do not want to dig holes at the entrance of the house to avoid damaging the beauty, so we connected the optical cables and then improved them with some technology Efficiency of the connection. ''

He also mentioned that the Egyptian government will establish a technical center for distress services for people with special needs, the first such center in the Middle East and Africa, which will enable hearing and speech impaired persons to communicate with emergency and distress services by telephone .