Emergency Call 112 In Mataram, Indonesia Is Not Fully Operational

Date:Aug 04, 2020



The emergency call program 112 in Mataram City failed to operate in an optimal state. Because the procedures handled by the Mataram City Communications and Information Office (Diskominfo) are currently only accessible by residents with the Mataram City area code.

I Nyoman Suwandiasa, head of Diskominfo in Mataram City, explained that the emergency call is still ongoing today. But the weakness of the system was discovered, especially for urban residents who want to access the service through a local number outside Mataram.

"There is indeed a system weakness that we must admit. In this case, this emergency service can only be accessed through the local Mataram number. If our residents use a phone number outside the city, it won't," Niman said on August 8, 2020 Said after confirmation on Monday, 3rd.

The emergency services department explained that the department provided many reports and complaints related to crimes in Mataram City. Despite this, many people still use the service to check recently activated numbers.

The spokesman said: "The citizens have the most complaints about public services. Nieman said: "The tree fell down and then it was clean, street children, and various problems. According to him, the program launched since 2018 has indeed not been widely used by the public. "Many prank calls, which means that he is just fashionable. Sometimes there are new numbers to be checked," he continued.

According to him, in this case, the central government is considered to be the place where the Ministry of Communications and Information is inconsistent in dialing emergency telephone numbers. This is because emergency calls are also owned by the Public Health Service, whose dialing number is 119, and the fire department and police also have their own numbers.

Therefore, the number 112 processed by Diskominfo Mataram City does not work well. In fact, the purpose of the 112 emergency call is to help deal with public complaints, whether it is a public service issue or other issues. Nieman said: "The plan is only for a single number of emergency services, but until now, in the case of inconsistencies with the government, there are still departmental ego, so this is not the best choice."