European 112 Emergency Communications Platform Allows Citizens To Communicate With Any EU Country

Date:May 22, 2019


European Management Emergency Application allows citizens to communicate with 112 in any Member State, and communication development tests between Murcia and the Basque Country and the 112 Centre in Finland have been successful.So far, the interconnection of applications in the 6 countries of the European Union has been successfully tested.

These tests were carried out on the GHALE platform developed by Deveryware, France.Participation in the implementation and operation of the Pan-European Mobile Emergency Applications (PEMEA) network.

European citizens are allowed to contact the Emergency Rescue Center 112 using software from their country of origin without having to install multiple software from one country to another.

GHALE is a PEMEA-based platform that allows data connectivity between different 112 software.

Through the platform and its network computing,Murcia was tested between March and April 2019,Basque Country Spain and Finland.These tests focus on the exchange of data and the stability between the two software.

As Deveryware explained,the platform for facilitating communication between emergency software and emergency centers in different European countries, and interoperability provides access to data,securely provide the exact location of the caller,User information and emergency contacts, even if the phone is

In its advanced version, including multi-language chat, video management via Web Real-Time Communication (WebRTC), routing information based on the Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) "Over The Top" service, photos and videos from Software loaded into public-safety answering point (PSAP),A notification, warning or alert sent from 112 to any connected application via PEMEA located around the alert.

According to its developers,It is designed to eliminate communication barriers for people with disabilities, for people with visual and auditory limitations, and to improve the availability of older people.

In addition, they are experiencing the experience at the Estremadura Emergency Center, which integrates a software called “Svisual” into the PEMEA network.