Flood In Northeastern Thailand, Difficult Rescue Operation

Date:Sep 10, 2019


Floods in parts of northeastern Thailand are still worrying. Many rescue volunteers stayed on the island to help patients and flood victims for more than a week, and their mission was full of risks and difficulties.

Entering the battlefield with Khun Chanachai Kaewphang before the Hook 31 rescue volunteers in Nakhon Ratchasima will sail to help emergency patients and flood victims. The first thing they do is to use drones to explore the flood. In order to see the coordinates that need help,

Currently, the Yasothon Provincial Command Center notifies rescue volunteers by radio and communication, and takes the boat to help evacuate patients in the flood zone. In the Pa Tio area of Yasothon Province,

When knowing the coordinates of the house of the flooded patient Volunteer rescuer - rescue. Start a boat trip, break the flood of rescue targets

When the inspection was carried out according to the target, the villagers sought help. It seems that no patients are found. This often happens because patients, relatives or patients may be shocked and provide unclear information.

Rescue volunteers tried to contact relatives again. But this time, travel goals seem to be a more difficult obstacle because they are far away. They have to use the truck to reach the nearest point of the patient's home.

Helping patients in a flood situation is not an easy task. Because in most areas, the roads are cut off and they can't make time. Because this is an unusual situation Some missions were yesterday night.

The darkness shrouded the flooded village. Signal the rescue volunteers to be careful because they can't see if the road ahead is high or low. Can the car carrying the ship pass? Therefore, there must be someone walking in front of the car.

When confident cars can overcome the torrent they decided to continue to travel to help the patients in the flood.

Their car loaded a vessel in a flood that was more than a metre high.

They reached the place where the ship had to be removed. In the case of severe flooding, darkness has become a huge obstacle. Relatives of the patient must provide clear information when entering the village.

The ship sailed along the village road under flood conditions. Rescue volunteers sailed through the fields. Until they reach the flooded village isolated from the outside world, there are currently 2 patients who need to evacuate from the area.

The first patient was a middle-aged woman. She is very weak and has a high fever. Rescue volunteers left home. After taking the boat, the first ship took the patient to the hospital.

The second patient was an elderly woman who was weak due to high blood pressure. Rescue volunteers sent her to the ship. Then come out of the flooded house, hurry to the hospital.

Koh Lak's main rescue and Rescue Hook 31 helped two patients leave the flooded village. Which task is full of difficulties, but in the end, they can help patients safely send to the hospital. The task lasts until the next morning.

The task of helping emergency patients in the flood zone continues. Because the rescue volunteer team is coordinated by the provincial command center, they must find a way to help. Even if the path is cut off by current, the mission of saving patients is like they are helping patients under normal conditions, but help must be careful

More than a week ago, we saw volunteer rescue - rescue. Waiting for emergency patients and flood victims in northeastern Thailand. Their task is not just to transport patients, but these volunteer groups need to help all victims 24 hours a day.