Florida Offers Motorola Solutions A Statewide P25 System Contract

Date:Dec 27, 2019



Florida offers Motorola Solutions a statewide P25 system contract, the largest radio business opportunity in North America.

Florida Department of Management Services (DMS) Secretary Jonathan Satter provided the letter to IWCE Emergency Communications yesterday afternoon, acknowledging the time and effort spent by the state and Motorola Solutions personnel "finally finalized including clarification Contracts.

The letter marks the second time in 11 days that Sartre has submitted a $ 678.8 million bid for Motorola Solutions to upgrade its Florida communications system to the P25 standard. The existing emergency communications system is owned and operated by Harris.

The winning bid for Motorola's solution was $ 300 million lower than the bid of current communications network supplier Harris to build a P25-standard network of 144 sites. The Harris bid required 190 tower sites to cover the state.

Under the contract, Motorola Solutions will have 4 years to establish a state-wide P25 standard network in Florida, but no payments will be made during this period. Regular annual payments to Motorola Solutions will not begin until the existing contract with Harris expires, which was originally scheduled to end in June 2021, the schedule is only 18 months apart, not the planned four Expansion schedule procurement.

Although Motorola Solutions will invest a lot of time, money, and energy to build a P25 standard network, if the state officials decide to terminate the program, how much Motorola Solutions will gain from their investments. Agreement is reached at any time in the future.