French ARCRP Announces The 40MHz Grant Process In The 2.6 GHz TDD Band

Date:Apr 23, 2019

France Autorité de régulation des communications électroniques et des Postes (ARCRP) announced the upcoming 40MHz grant process in the 2.6 GHz TDD band. As indicated by the public consultations published by the regulator in March 2018, this will enable the transition from 2G-based professional mobile radio (PMR) networks to LTE. Stakeholders have been invited to comment on the final details of the distribution process by April 26 and will begin accepting applications for band resources starting May 9.

According to business needs, the license is valid for a maximum of ten years. At the time of the auction, ARCRP has reserved band resources for more than 20 trials in the transportation and energy sectors. Looking ahead, the EU is conducting an assessment to assess the use of the 2.6 GHz band in 5G services.

It is reported that France will use the 3.5GHz band (3400-3800MHz), at least 40MHz will be used to deploy fixed wireless broadband networks in rural areas. The remaining portion will be allocated to 5G services, and by 2020 there will be more than 300MHz of continuous spectrum available.

The 40MHz in the 2.6GHz TDD band (2570-2620MHz) will be allocated to professional mobile radio (PMR) networks.