German Amateur Radio Club Conducted A Radio Exercise And Cut Off The Network And Telephone In Some Areas.

Date:May 15, 2019


On May 11th, 2019, the emergency broadcast team led by Herzogenauracher Ortsverband conducted an exercise at the German Amateur Radio Club (DARC). The aim is to test how radio amateurs can communicate with authorities and rescue organizations in the event of a disaster or other communication channel failure and blackout, as well as the establishment of self-organized emergency radio services.

It looks like the reboot will take a few days. Especially for Upper Franconia, it is expected that there will be a long-term lack of electricity supply. In the central and lower Franconia regions, communication via email and telephone failed.

Amateur radio is not only a fascinating hobby, but it can also perform civil protection functions in the event of a disaster. The law is normalized in the task of amateur radio, "the basis of the German amateur radio club, amateur radio enthusiasts to help establish emergency situations and disasters in regional and local chapters." At the local level, the local club president appoints a Notfunkreferenten drug The representative or OV-wide emergency communication group determines a group of representatives who are responsible for the practice, coordination of training and information exchange, and coordination with local authorities and aid organizations. In an emergency, he warns and directs or coordinates the deployment of the group in the municipality or area. For local association president Heath Beierl appointed Notsunkreferenten's amateur radio enthusiast to Uli Squid's local chapter Herzogen Olah. Emergency radio stations from Upper Franconia, Middle Franconia and Lower Franconia participated in the emergency radio station Franc. Herzogenaurach's emergency radio team was placed on the playground in Höfen. At the beginning of the exercise, the Bayreuth Emergency Radio sent detailed information on the scenarios and procedures.Get-connected-to-emergency-radio-officials

The radio operation of the Emergency Service Support (BOS) of a DARC radio enthusiast assistance agency in the event of a disaster or major accident is called emergency broadcast or receiving emergency call forwarding. Radio amateurs reported the media through humanitarian aid. Radio amateurs have been using their technology to establish the first radio communication in the disaster area. Telephones, mobile phone networks, the Internet, and even the power grid can fail, and the radio can establish communication connections.

This exercise is designed to show that radio enthusiasts can distribute hundreds of miles of information independent of power and send it to the control center. Mainly short-wave and VHF radios. Only batteries, solar and batteries can be used as a power source. It is completely omitted on the grid.

Although amateur radios are often used privately during the time before the move, such as in vehicles, car radio has declined as a hobby in recent decades, but the technology is still more powerful than other forms of communication. Amateur radio plays a necessary role today in sparsely populated areas.