German Federal Government Will Fully Support IFA 2019

- Jan 22, 2019-


According to German Minister Dorothee Bär, the German government supported the IFA Consumer Electronics Exhibition in an unprecedented way.

“Digital countries must also be internationally visible. The show provides a perfect environment. Why should the world in IFA 2019 see that the German federal government’s commitment is digitally obvious. Therefore, I will use my entire office time to raise funds. Exhibition, contact with all visitors and exhibitors.

As the world's most important trade fair, consumer electronics and home electronics IFA flock to the rapidly growing popularity of intelligent connectivity products from around the world that require joint innovation, artificial intelligence, speech recognition and thousands of visitors and media every year. the reason.

“The IFA Exhibition is the most effective and important communication platform for trade, consumer industry and media. We are happy to work with the federal government. The political presence and support of Minister Dorothee Bär is a factor in IFA's successful work. Jens Heithecker, executive director of IFA, said.

About IFA

IFA Exhibition 2018 has a total of 245,000 visitors. A total of 150,000 professional visitors came to Berlin in 2018, which exceeded 50% from abroad.