Google Pixel 4 Will Launch An Emergency Call Feature That Allows One-button Alerts

Date:Aug 08, 2019

Currently, Google is developing a new mobile phone, Pixel 4, which allows users to select a search engine when they are new to Android phones, or to allow people to communicate urgently without speaking.

In a statement on its blog, Google introduced a new feature that will allow users to communicate accurately and directly with emergency services without saying a word. With a single click, users can get help in an emergency. This feature was born because sometimes it is important to have a fast and informative conversation during an emergency call, but in some cases people cannot communicate verbally.

Users can share information and location about the help they need directly with emergency operators. Regarding the use of emergency functions, the user only needs to click the medical, fire or alarm button, and the emergency call will be connected to the operator through the automatic voice service. During the service, the user can also directly talk to the operator operator. In general, the location of the user needs to be located by the GPS of the mobile phone, but the emergency voice service of the emergency function can directly provide location information through the base station.

What may happen due to injury because they have speech problems or because they are in danger. By position these people, users will soon be able to share the help they need, with no need for the emergency operator to talk, just a click of the button. The upcoming features of the mobile phone, regardless of the old and new models, as long as the Android system of the phone, although the brand has not been confirmed.