Handheld Receiver Can Be Operated By The App Using A Smartphone

Date:Jul 23, 2019


ICOM receiver IC-R30 is not suitable for large-scale confidential information reception, but with the advent of smartphone remote control software, the situation has changed. You can receive the receiver's signal by tapping the screen of your smartphone.

Remotely operate the receiver with software

Leisure facilities and activities in the number and location of active fire brigade personnel can be received in secret. However, when operating the receiver, it is more difficult than expected to keep the surrounding environment unnoticed.icom-r30

Therefore, in order to make the receiver inconspicuous, various styles of "secret reception" can be sought using a mini antenna and an earphone antenna for a small device.

The IC-R30 has a large body, but with the release of the dedicated software "RSR30 I / A", it allows remote control from a smartphone, can be operated without a receiver, and can also perform the desired display remotely. Confirm that it is.

Simply pair the IC-R30 with a Bluetooth headset. The point of pairing registration should be done from the "Headset Settings". It can be registered more smoothly than "pairing from other devices."

Receiver paired with smartphone

IC-R30 remote control software is free to download, including "RS-R30I" for iOS and "RS-R30A" for Android. After downloading and installing, turn on the Bluetooth function of your smartphone and pair it with the IC-R30.

The point is to select "Pair from other devices" from the smartphone side. Press the MENU button to execute. After 2 minutes, the pairing operation is performed on the Bluetooth setting screen on the smartphone side.

The remote control software can remotely control the IC-R30 from a smartphone, but it does not control all the functions of the IC-R30.

From the perspective of operating the IC-R30, the operating range is very small. However, it is fully compatible with the activities of receiving radios. Since it is a touch screen operation of a mobile phone screen, rather than a key main dial for receiver operation, it is very operability, although it has some buzzing sounds compared to the operation on the IC-R30.