Honduras Announced That The Funds Provided To The City For The Treatment Of The New Coronavirus Can Be Used To Respond To The Emergency Caused By Tropical Storm ETA

Date:Nov 06, 2020


November 5. Honduras announced that the funds provided by the Honduras program to cities to treat the coronavirus pandemic can be used to respond to the emergency caused by tropical storm ETA.

Honduras President Juan Hernandez stated in an interview on the HCH morning news broadcast that “The funds the mayor receives from the Honduras plan can be used to respond to emergencies, buy food and things necessary for people to live in housing. ".

Hernandez said: "The resources of Hondurans can be used by the mayor to purchase any emergency they need to participate in."

He explained that the authorization to use these resources is to avoid delays or problems caused by the mayor’s lack of funds.

The President said that despite the real resource constraints, a large number of people, including firefighters, police, and soldiers, were sent to work where Hondurans encountered problems. Causes of tropical storms.

Hernandez also stated that he maintains regular communication with Carlos Cano, chairman of the Honduras Municipal Association (Amhon), "It is necessary to keep the Codex of the Municipal Emergency Committee activated, because now it is important to help Those who have been victimized. Influence, save lives, and look for plans after the storm to get necessary help.”

The Honduras Presidential Program of Fuchs is a presidential program designed to use resources provided by the government and the mayor’s counterpart to participate in the coronavirus pandemic, to form a medical team and set up a triage center.

Honduras Fuerza is made up of 250 million lambiras directly provided by the central government plus 45% of the special transfer, providing 460 million lambiras to 296 cities throughout Honduras. Tegucigalpa and San Pedro Sula have different treatments.