Hytera Announced The Multi-mode Two-way Radio PTC680

Date:Jul 29, 2019

Recently, Hytera announced the multi-mode two-way radio PTC680, which aims to bring more professional communication services to customers and ensure mission-critical communication.

Hytera's multimode two-way radio is the primary goal of converged networks. The product combines two-way radio and smart phone. The radio has both TETRA/PDT standard trunking and smart phone functions, which can meet various needs of critical voice communication, video law enforcement recording, audio and video scheduling, etc. task.hytera-ptc680-functions
PTC680 is waterproof and dustproof to IP68 protection. Weighing only 325g, it can be mastered with one hand.

The button design adopted by the PTC680 allows multiple functions to be performed in one hand by means of knobs, buttons, PTT buttons and multiple programmable buttons. Frontline personnel can also use the PTC680's portable camera to capture images on the spot. At the same time, PTC680 designed DECam software for law enforcement video, in conjunction with the Electronic Evidence Management System (DEM), to provide secure management of electronic evidence.

PTC680 supports five navigation satellite systems such as GPS, Beidou, Galileo, GLONASS and QZSS. It can use mobile network or Wi-Fi network to assist positioning to achieve indoor and outdoor full coverage communication.