Hytera Donated Radio, Body Camera And Face Mask To The Peruvian Ministry Of Health

Date:Jul 31, 2020



Hytera handed over 100000 masks to Victor Zamora, Minister of Health of Peru. The mask is manufactured by Hytera. The donation also includes 50 radios and body cameras to provide video testimony from on-site personnel. This is a supplement to the integrated communication platform.

The Minister of Health of Peru, Victor Zamora, said in an interview: "We want to thank Hytera for its donation. This is of inestimable value to those who work in healthcare. They work with other companies to stop this terrible virus. Popular. We are very grateful.".

"We are donating a unified communications matrix that will enable troops across Peru to fight the pandemic and connect them to each other. In addition, they can monitor point-to-point communications from the combat command center, real-time video and GPS of all units Location.” explains Luis Pérez González, Hytera's Peruvian President.