Hytera Infringes Motorola's Solution Patent, Or Loses US $ 764.6 Million In Compensation

Date:Feb 20, 2020


On February 12, 2020, during a trial, Motorola solutions finally made clear that it claims that some of the products of Hytera DMR infringe Motorola solutions' 21 trade secrets and 4 patents, and asked Hytera, the US branch and the US West branch to infringe their trade secrets. Pay compensation accordingly.

According to a jury's ruling on February 14, 2020, some of the DMR products of Hytera's U.S. branch and the U.S.-West branch infringed Motorola solutions' one or more trade secrets and patents, and paid Motorola solutions damages of 345.8 million US dollars and punitive damages were US $ 418.8 million, totaling US $ 764.6 million.

Hytera stated in the announcement that the company expressed disappointment with the jury ruling and respected but did not agree with the jury ruling. The results of this jury ruling are still subject to review and a first-instance judgment by the Illinois courts. If the Illinois court of first instance decides to support this jury decision, hytera reserves the right to appeal the first instance.

Although the result of a jury decision is not a first-instance judgment, based on the jury system in US's judicial trial, the jury decision has important reference or guidance for the judge or court to make a final decision. For Hytera, the phased progress of this case is indeed not good for it.