Hytera Launches Two Entry-level TETRA Two Way Radios

Date:Sep 23, 2020


Hytera just launched two entry-level TETRA handheld radios that complement Hytera's product portfolio. The company introduced the radio for the first time at BAPCO 2020, which is now available.

Both PT310 and PT350 provide clear language and are robust. According to Hytera, both radios can be regarded as two powerful multifunctional products with high durability and excellent audio quality. They meet the IP68 waterproof level and the requirements of the MIL-STD 810 G standard, and can ensure clear audio transmission even in the harshest outdoor and industrial areas.

Both TETRA radios are equipped with water injection technology, which can simply dissipate water ingress from the speakers. The patented microphone opening prevents wind noise from affecting the transmission quality.

Simple and intuitive operation

Thanks to the clear user interface, the two devices are simple and intuitive to use-with knobs and voice prompts, even eyeless operation can be achieved. Both PT310 and PT350 have freely programmable buttons and functions can be assigned to them.

Main functions: