Hytera, Motorola Solutions Are Satisfied With ITC Patent Ruling

Date:Nov 19, 2018

The final decision on the long-term patent dispute between the two companies was announced yesterday at the US International Trade Commission.

In this order, ITC maintained the preliminary ruling on July 3, that Hytera infringed Motorola Solutions - "869 patent", "701 patent"; and "991 patent". ITC ordered Hytera to stop importing, selling, marketing, advertising, and distributing products that infringe on these three patents. According to sources, these patents affect most of Hytera's DMR product portfolio.

ITC also ruled that Hytera's redesigned product, the I series, was announced in June - did not infringe three patents for Motorola's solution. According to company officials, this provides Hytera with a clear path to providing alternative infringing products.

Steve Cragg, vice president of Hytera America, said existing customers can migrate from traditional Hytera DMR products to the new i-Series platform.

“It's more powerful than our traditional products,” he said. “Although we have removed three very small features [Motorola Solutions Patent] - we estimate that these features have a customer impact of less than 0.1% - but we are making significant improvements to our products so we will bring to our customers Heavy benefits."

According to a review by the US Trade Representative authorized by Donald Trump, hytera's redesigned products don't infringe on some Motorola patents, the ITC found, but it is issuing an import band and cease-and-desist order on products that do. That ban takes effect in 60 days unless overturned .

Hytera is able to continue to sell products and services in the United States that do not infringe the three Motorola Solutions patents cited in the order.