Hytera MWCS 2021: Accelerating Innovation And Promoting The Scale Of 5g Industrial Internet

Date:Mar 10, 2021


Private network companies and telecom operators need each other

Guan Bao, general manager of hytera broadband system division, pointed out that hytera's active layout of operator market is mainly based on the following two reasons:

First, the development trend of the industry and the needs of its own business development. Whether 5g network technology can achieve greater commercial success largely depends on whether 5g network can realize large-scale application in the industry market. 5g network promotes the integration of public network and private network, and brings greater market opportunities to private network manufacturers, but also puts forward higher requirements. Overall, opportunities outweigh challenges. In the future, the private network industry is inseparable from the telecom operators. As the leader of the private network, hytera will comply with the development trend of the industry and actively layout the telecom operator market.

Second, operators need the support of private network to expand 5g network market. The market of network industry is fragmented, and there are more customized applications and services in each market segment. There will be great demand differences between different industries, which is also a new challenge for operators. Hytera, with rich experience in customer service and technology accumulation, is an indispensable partner for telecom operators to expand 5g network market.

Overall scheme mode

For industry customers and integrators, hytera provides integrated solutions including application, network and terminal, as well as integrated services of engineering installation and operation and maintenance. Based on years of industry experience, hytera is able to integrate the existing private network system from the actual needs of customers, and use 4G and 5g networks to provide customers with in-depth customized products and services, so as to maximize customer value.

Product integration mode

Hytera can provide integrators and operators with core product integration services including application software, wide and narrow band networks and various terminals. Adhering to the concept of openness, hytera is committed to promoting the standardization of interfaces, and is willing to open relevant interfaces, so as to facilitate customers to carry out system integration, improve the integration efficiency and the cost performance of the scheme.

Technical service mode

Based on the comprehensive strength of R & D and production, hytera can provide core technology services for equipment manufacturers, application service providers and other customers, including core software and hardware customization, technology transfer, ODM / OEM, etc., assist customers to complete product integration, accelerate product R & D progress and time to market.

Guan Bao said that these flexible cooperation modes can better serve the upstream and downstream customers of the whole industry, reduce the cost of each link, promote innovation, and continuously enhance the customer value of 5g network industry.