Hytera Releases New MD785i Mobile Radio

- Jan 30, 2019-



Recently, Hytera launched its latest DMR mobile radio, the MD785i. The new radio is a revised and improved version of its predecessor, the MD785 and is even more powerful and versatile thanks to further developments in technology.

The MD785i is a built-in software radio. It has higher sensitivity and frequency stability. It is an upgraded version of MD785.The new radio features versatility and excellent voice data transmission.

New Function

Hytera's new DMR standard software makes this new mobile radio an attractive new feature. The MD785i can be connected to a repeater via a special UART cable to provide a "wireless link" for the transmission of digital services (voice, data and signaling). This feature can also be used when IP multi-site connections are not available due to Internet connection restrictions, and repeaters are connected wirelessly to extend communication coverage.

The MD785i can also perform position detection. The mobile radio can be equipped with GPS. Improved two-way radio transmission GPS position has been greatly improved to speed up the position sensing of the radio. Therefore, if only location data is needed, more GPS information can now be sent to the control center through more time slots than before. Encryption of the air interface prevents unnecessary access to the repeater and prevents the DMR scanner from monitoring the connection data. Users can use the CPS programming software to access the MD785i's option board to transfer data to external devices.

Full-duplex and Single-frequency 

A major advantage of the new version: The MD785i UHF model also has full-duplex capability, so it can also be used as a single-frequency repeater. In repeater mode, mobile radio enhances the range of direct connections between legacy DMR devices without the need for base stations or repeaters. Very specific to the user, which means they now have greater freedom of movement and greater flexibility. Thanks to the full-duplex function, two session partners can simultaneously speak and listen while calling other DMR trunk radios (PD785 and PD985) and public switched telephone network phones and mobile phones that can be reached through the DMR infrastructure.