Hytera Showcased Its New Product PNE380/E-Pack100 With Cutting-edge Technology At CCWeek

Date:Nov 20, 2020



As a leading global provider of professional and private communication equipment and solutions, Hytera will gather through a week of live and on-demand product demonstrations, speaker meetings and virtual networking opportunities during the CCWeek virtual event held from November 2 to 6 An important communication community. 

Hytera showcased new products with cutting-edge technology at CCweek, including the new Body Worn Camera VM580D, the PNE380 Compact Multi-Mode Mesh Radio , the latest Digital WANET Repeater E-Pack100 and Hytera Oran 4G card Hy4G Series,multi-mode radios and PoC radios .

The latest ultra-thin smart 4G body worn camera VM580D can film 1080P videos with infrared night vision feature and meticulously distinguish facial features and profiles very clearly at distances of 5 meters to 10 meters in the dark. It can also easily carry out convergence communication with broadband or narrowband terminals via LTE network and help users improve the efficiency of command and control tasks and provide a complete solution for end-to-end equipment management and data collection, storage, query, and analysis.

PNE380-image (2)

Multi-mode mesh radio PNE380 is designed as a brand-new handheld radio that is capable of offering voice, data and video multimedia service, and similar to the traditional DMR radios in dimensions, appearance as well as usage mode,it can flexibly switch between the cellular mode and the mesh mode on customers’ demands and work over both U and L band, and support auto frequency scanning and selection, thus offering much better anti-jamming performance than the traditional single-band radio.The PNE380 is featured with small form factor, and the weight of 288g is almost the lightest mesh radio in the industry. 

the PNE380 performs great despite its small size and low weight. Firstly, the PNE380 can flexibly switch between the cellular mode and the mesh mode on customers' demands, which enriches the application scenarios of the radio. Secondly, with dual-band design, the PNE380 can work over both U and L band, and supports auto frequency scanning and selection, thus offering much better anti-jamming performance than the traditional single-band radio. Thanks to the superior signal processing capability of SoC chipset as well as the advanced technology of 4G and 5G, the PNE380 offers outstanding demodulation performance. Despite 0.5 watt transmit power, the single-hop distance with HD video service on the ground approaches to 1.5 Km with typical antenna, even longer than the distance of some backpacked mesh radio with high transmit power.

The PNE380 is powered with ARM cores and multimedia accelerators, and supports Android OS and customized Apps on actual demands.Also, it provides rich peripheral interfaces for the flexible functionality extension.

In addition to high definition video services, the PNE380 radio can also offer various voice services through the Push-to-Talk over Cellular (PoC) software, such as trunking group call, multi-party conference and more. Dr. Guan said that Hytera will launch more smart mesh radios to further enrich product forms and improve the performance of the overall solution.

Hytera also showcased Digital Repeater E-Pack 100, which is intended for fast and flexible communication system deployment under emergency situations. The E-pack 100 can not only be used as a radio for calling, it also creates a wireless mobile ad-hoc network to route voice. Based on TDMA and FDMA technology,one frequency can be used to make calls and route voice at the same time, greatly saving frequency resources.

Hytera said it will continue to innovate, to bridge up the connection between our technologies and customers ’requirements, and further to make contribution to a more efficient and safer world.ept of adhesive.