Hytera Shows New Products At PMRExpo2019

Date:Dec 16, 2019


At PMRExpo 2019 in Cologne, Germany, Hytera demonstrated a variety of new broadband solutions and TETRA products,  push-over-cellular(PoC) solutions and the latest two-way radio.

DMR radio HP785

New generation DMR radio HP785. The rugged and reliable device is designed to be particularly easy to carry and provides excellent audio quality with a 2.4-inch color screen for faster response in emergency situations.

New TETRA radio

Hytera introduces new TETRA radio PT3 series and PTC680. Among them are PT310 and PT350 entry products. The PTC680 is high-end: combining TETRA and LTE technology-for example, for secure and fast data transmission over broadband-enabling communication in a variety of situations.ptc-680

Another highlight on the stand was the private LTE solution. You can experience innovative Poc radios as well as demonstrate various video functions with Hytera multimode devices and body cameras.

PoC solution

Hytera brings a new PoC solution-in the live demonstration, demonstrated the flexibility of their software PTT connect, multi-mode radios and smartphones can use the communication software of the secure and fast team.

Hytera Bodycam

Bodycam that combines a camera and a wireless microphone in one device. Hytera Bodycams has a Full HD camera for excellent video and image capture. The top model VM780 is a combination of Bodycam and PoC devices, which can perform video and voice communication in real time through a 3G / 4G / Wi-Fi

ES-100 temporary system

The ES-100 ad-hoc system enables fast emergency communications. This system is based on the DMR standard and consists of mobile digital self-organizing wireless repeaters. These repeaters can be quickly and wirelessly connected to each other by plugging in.