Hytera Wins Bid For Brazil Ceara Public Safety Communication Project

Date:Jan 11, 2019


On January 4, 2019, Hytera Communications announced that its subsidiary Teltronic Brazil LTDA won the bid of the Brazilian Ministry of Public Security.

Hytera will build a private TETRA communications network covering the entire state of Ceara and provide radio products. In addition, after the completion of the construction, the transaction included a four-year lease and maintenance service valued at BRL 118 million (approximately 28 million Euros).

The new base station will use TETRANIC's TETRA base station, which is a subsidiary of Sepura, which Hytera acquired in 2017. The terminal uses a new generation of TETRA communication equipment developed by the company.

As the largest country in South America, Brazil's public network demand continues to grow. The project is the first time that Hytera has entered the public safety field in Ceara and has provided services for police, fire and emergency services. The successful implementation of the project will help improve Hytera's visibility and market share in the Brazilian public safety market and provide a good demonstration of Hytera's public safety communications business in other Brazilian states.