Icom Incorporated Will Release The IC-M94D

Date:Dec 03, 2020

Icom Incorporated will release the IC-M94D, VHF marine handheld radio that has a built-in AIS receiver and Class-H DSC in one package.

With the integrated AIS receiver, simplified vessel traffic information is shown on the display that allows the user to see the movement of other ships relative to their position. It is very useful in a narrow sea area where many ships can come and go. The AIS target call function allows the user to set up a DSC individual call by selecting a target ship icon on the AIS screen, and in an emergency situation, a DSC Distress call can be made with the rear panel button.


The IC-M94D provides 6 watts of transmit power for extended communication range and delivers a class-leading loud 1500 milliwatts of audio output power with improved acoustic sound clarity. The supplied high capacity Li-ion battery provides a long lasting 10 hours of operating time, under normal conditions. The simplified navigation function is also useful as a guide assist feature to a specified waypoint.

If the user drops the radio in the water, it floats and the LCD display, keypad, and rear panel Distress button flash to help the user retrieve the radio. If the user falls into the water with the radio, by pressing the Distress button while in the water, the Man Overboard (MOB) distress will be sent to assist in locating and additional protection of sailors.

Other Features