Icom Partners With Iridium To Launch The New Satellite Push-To-Talk Communication Product

- Nov 24, 2018-

Japan-based ICOM and the US-based Iridium Communications jointly develop and sell a network of communication products for the new satellite network (PTT). They will provide a professional radio communication solution that enables users to communicate wherever they are on the planet.

The partnership combines the core competencies of both companies - Icom's radio expertise and comet's satellite expertise.

“Icom has been developing a variety of wireless communication devices for land use, marine use and aerial use,” said Icom President Masataka Harima. “This satellite PTT project will be a tough challenge, but the project will fill an important part of our product lineup, covering all areas from the Earth's surface and even space. We continue to challenge ourselves.”

The satellite PTT radio uses the professional radio communication system of the Iridium satellite communication network. The system enables real-time one-to-many communication worldwide by simply pressing the PTT send button. In addition, Iridium's unique interconnected satellite architecture ensures stable and reliable communications, and even if large-scale disasters occur on Earth, the terrestrial network will not be affected.

“The market has shown a clear need for a PTT-only radio solution designed for the Iridium network,” said Joel Thompson, vice president of global product and service management at Iridium. "With Icom's extensive experience in LMR, we believe they are the perfect partner to launch the world's first truly global PTT handheld device."