Icom Releases vehicle-mounted Satellite Transceiver IC-SAT100M

Date:Aug 07, 2020



Icom released the vehicle-mounted satellite transceiver IC-SAT100M, whose antenna can be installed on the roof to allow satellite communications from buildings or vehicles.

ICOM's satellite PTT uses the Iridium satellite network to perform one-to-many concurrent global communications through the PTT launch button. By installing the antenna outdoors, such as on the roof of a building, satellite communications can be carried out from indoors, cars or underground. Because ordinary LAN cables are used to connect the antenna unit and the host, and are powered by Ethernet.

IC-SAT100M is small and compact, and the attached multi-function microphone can be flexibly installed on the host. It supports 12 V or 24 V DC power supply. Can be installed in large vehicles with 24 V DC. Just like the handheld transceiver IC-SAT100, it has Bluetooth hands-free operation function, it is dustproof and waterproof, voice record/playback, loud audio output, short data message and support AES 256-bit encryption, all available.

IC-SAT100M is not susceptible to the impact of natural disasters or climate for satellite communication, making it a reliable emergency communication tool for rescue activities and maintains communication between remote areas and the sea.