ICOM Releases New Radio IC-DRC1MKII Equipped With GPS

Date:Dec 18, 2019



In early December, ICOM released the GPS-equipped "IC-DRC1 MKII". The position information of the communication partner can be displayed on the computer map. Even if there is no response, you can listen to the surrounding sound of the communication partner and quickly understand the abnormal situation.

It is equipped with GPS, and users can know the distance and direction from each other. If the software "RS-DRC1", which can be downloaded on a computer, is installed, the position of the other party can be displayed on a map. There is also a monitoring function that can send requests to the communication partner and listen to the sound around the communication partner via the remote control. Even if the other party is unable to speak during the incident or accident, in addition to being able to understand the surrounding conditions and abnormalities, 

you can also call according to the situation.

The calling area of IC-DRC1 MKII is approximately 500 meters to 2 kilometers. It is short in urban areas and long in suburbs. The suggested retail price is 29,800 yen.