Icom Showcases New Products And Solutions At The 2019 Passenger Terminal Expo

- Mar 26, 2019-


Japanese radiocommunication manufacturer Icom exhibited its products at the 2019 Passenger Terminal Expo in the Excel Center in London, England from March 26th to 28th. Icom showcases its wide range of two-way radio solutions utilizing satellite, LTE standards, digital and analog modes.

ICOM's main focus this year is the new LTE-compliant handheld radio, which has become a solution for many industries around the world, including aviation. Therefore, Icom focuses on case studies, including the communications systems used by Japan Airlines.

Icom also showcased the LTE-compliant mobile radio IP501M designed for vehicle installation and the Radio Over Internet Protocol (RoIP)-compliant gateway device VE-PG4. In addition, the show includes Icom's latest ground crew radio and the newly launched satellite radio IC-SAT100.

Icom also presented the IP501H venue price at the Passenger Terminal Expo. This offer will give users a "free trial" understanding and experience the benefits of Icom's LTE-compliant radio system. If you want to use an LTE-compliant radio system, this would be a great opportunity.