In 2020, The National Broadcasting And Telecommunications Commission Of Thailand Supported 85 Public Welfare Projects

Date:Nov 10, 2020


The National Broadcasting and Telecommunications Commission of Thailand (NBTC) has summarized the results of the capital allocation of more than 2.6 billion baht provided to 85 public welfare projects in 2020 for the public interest, ready to go to the region to monitor the progress and check the use of the Thai amateur under the royal sponsorship of King Ma The Radio Association’s "Automatic Weather Station Prototype" is a real-time weather tracking system under Fund Category 1 through this innovation. With the frequency and high-speed Internet to support relevant agencies to evaluate disaster prevention measures, specify the coordinates of the search team. And help farmers plan new farming after experiencing climate change in Thailand and its neighboring countries. After performance and standard testing, it was completed by the Amateur Radio Association and the latest version was installed nationwide, totaling 40 points.

Mr. Niphon Chongvichit, Director of the NBTC Research and Development Foundation, under the supervision of the Broadcasting Commission Office Television Business The National Telecommunications Commission (NBTC Office) revealed that NBTC aims to promote and support the use of spectrum to achieve maximum efficiency. Through budget allocation to various departments to develop and create specific works to engage in "innovation/research" of broadcasting business, TV business and telecommunications business, which will benefit the public, economy and society as a whole. In the past 2020, EXAT organized this fund for more than 26 100 million baht of research and development funds, covering 85 projects, details are as follows

The first category of grants (public grants) covers 41 projects, totaling 256 million baht.

· The second category of grants includes grants that focus on achieving success in accordance with the policy. The Fund Management Committee announced the scope of responsibility for 33 projects with a total amount of 606 million baht, providing continuous grants to research projects that have been funded and hoped to further research. 2 If an agreement is reached with a government agency on 4 pending projects, the total amount of the project It is 33.3 million baht and requires funding.

·The third type of capital prescribed by NBTC covers 4 major projects, totaling more than 1.31 billion baht, including items that must be carried in 2020, support for voice captioning equipment projects and audio-visual narration (AD, CC), and a support for hospitals and field hospitals against COVID -19 plan (COVID-19), a budget of 750 million baht and a plan to support the Olympics broadcast.

The fourth type of fund is used to support the implementation of a safe creative media development fund totaling 500 million baht.160483543676

Recently, NBTC has been monitoring the installation progress in the area. And check the performance. Royally sponsored "Automatic Weather Station Prototype" of the Thai Amateur Radio Association is one of the funded projects in Krabi, type 1/2018, real-time weather monitoring system. With the frequency and high-speed Internet to support relevant agencies to evaluate disaster prevention measures, specify the coordinates of the search team. And help farmers plan new farming. According to the plan "wireless emergency backup media network, intelligent coordination for monitoring and monitoring of natural disasters and SAR". After discovering many areas in Thailand, facing the changing climate, it has the technology to help predict the climate. Or report necessary natural information to utilize high-performance wireless networks. Therefore, this is an important part in preventing damage that may occur in the future.

Such a work is this product compatible with the King Mongkut Institute of Technology (KMITL), Faculty of Engineering, Department of Telecommunications and Civil Engineering, the current association has installed automatic weather stations in 40 locations in 40 provinces across the country to complete support for the use of iOS (iOS) on all platforms And Android (Android) computers are also tested by the Thai Amateur Radio Association. Completed under royal patronage