In July, Moscow’s 112 System Received More Than 230,000 Emergency Calls

Date:Aug 11, 2020



In July 2020, the operator of Moscow System 112 answered and processed 230109 emergency calls from residents and guests in the capital. Compared with May, the number of requests for coronavirus infections has dropped four times.

Last month, there were 115,703 calls requiring emergency response. The emergency services of the City Economic Complex received 56,729 calls, police-51,117, ambulances-45,565, firefighters and rescuers-5,108, and 1,286 calls for emergency gas services. In order to receive reference and advisory information, 23,972 calls were received on a single number on service 112.

As the epidemiological situation improves, the number of requests for these issues continues to decline. If 6.5 thousand coronavirus-infected calls are received in May and 2.5 thousand are received in June, then in July, the operator will process 1.5 thousand calls.

An important feature of the emergency call number 112 is the "one window" principle, when the operator can send multiple emergency services to the scene of the incident at a time through one call when necessary. Therefore, in July, Moscow's 112 service bureau received 55,713 calls, requiring several emergency services in the capital to respond simultaneously.

Forty-five operators of Moscow's 112 Service Bureau answer calls from people who need emergency assistance around the clock.