In MWC 2019, China Mobile And China Unicom Delivered A Speech Clarifying The Strategy Of Developing 5G Networks.

Date:Jun 27, 2019

On June 26, 2019, during the 2019 Mobile World Congress(MWC), China Mobile and Huawei, ZTE, Datang Telecom, Ericsson and Nokia launched the "5G+4G Wireless Technology White Paper" to release 5G networks and 4G networks to the industry. Collaborate on development initiatives, scenarios and key technology initiatives and guidance.chairman-of-china-mobile-delivered-a-speech-at-mwc-2019

The white paper analyzes the key scenarios and technologies of 5G network and 4G network collaboration through three aspects: capability coordination, resource coordination and evolution coordination. It discusses the efficient coordination of 5G and 4G networks in planning, construction, maintenance and business development to realize China Mobile 5G. +4G network integration to meet the needs and experience of enhanced mobile broadband.

In the era of 5G network, China Mobile hopes to use the 5G network and 4G network to coordinate and efficiently utilize the 2.6GHz frequency band. 4G and 5G will work together to benefit and effectively support the implementation of the 5G+ plan, and realize the long-term coexistence and coordinated development of the 5G network and 4G network. Establish networks in various industries to promote the integration of 5G networks with artificial intelligence technologies, Internet of Things, network data, network computing and other technologies to build rich industry applications.

Its partners have indicated that they will launch related products supporting 5G network + 4G network as soon as possible to realize the coordinated development of 5G network and 4G network.

In addition, Ke Ruiwen, chairman of China Telecom, said that China Telecom will build a network of hybrid networks including Standalone and Non-Standalone in more than 40 cities in China. At the same time, China Telecom will adhere to the goal of the Stand alone (SA) network, and will fully launch the network upgrade of 5G independent networking in 2020.

SA/NSA is two networking modes.differences-between-NSA-and-SA-networking-modes
Independent Networking (SA) refers to the use of a new 5G core network and a new 5G base station, which is completely separated from the 4G network, the backhaul link, and the core network. The independent networking mode introduces new network elements and interfaces, and will also adopt technologies such as network virtualization and software-defined networks, and will be combined with the 5G NR standard.

Non-independent networking (NSA) refers to the deployment of 5G networks using existing 4G network base stations. The 5G carrier based on the non-independent networking architecture only carries user data, and its control signaling is still transmitted through the 4G network.

Yang Jie, chairman of China Mobile, revealed that starting from January 1 next year, the Chinese government does not allow NSA network mobile phones to access the network. The SA network is the development direction.