Indian Communications Satellite G-SAT-31 Successfully Launched

- Feb 16, 2019-


On February 5, 2019, the Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO) successfully launched the communication satellite GSAT-31 from the Gaya space station in France. The GSAT-31 was designed and manufactured by the Indian Space Research Organization, the 40th communications satellite in India. The satellite, which has been in operation for 15 years, will continue to work for some of the satellites in orbit. In addition, it will also promote ku-band transponder capacity in geostationary orbit. Swan, director of the Indian Space Research Organization, said that the transponder capacity of high-power DTH TVs from communications satellites will help expand services such as ATM, stock market, e-government and related wireless communications.

According to the Times of India, India’s GPS has been successfully operated and the people of the country will be able to use it next year. The most important thing is that NavIC is much more accurate than the US GPS. What is special is that Navic is a Hindi Navigator who is navigated by the Indian constellation and is provided by Indian Prime Minister Modi himself. The way scientists design Navic allows those who use it to get accurate information from anywhere in the country. Based on this information, if you are anywhere, then 'Navic' will appear with your help. To this end, ISRO successfully sent the IRNSS-1G (India Regional Navigation Satellite System) in space on April 28 last year. After that, Modi named the native local GPS as Navic. According to experts, the US GPS is a group of 24 satellites, which is why his range is very high, he can pay attention to the whole world. However, the Navic Group with only seven satellites is limited to India and its adjacent areas. But its accuracy is much more accurate than the US GPS. The NavIC has an accuracy of 5 meters, while the GPS has an accuracy of 20-30 meters. So far, no navigation system has been found in other countries except the United States, Russia and China.