Indonesia Diskominfostandi Relocates Radio Tower To Rawalumbu

Date:Oct 30, 2019


Indonesian Ministry of Communications and Information Technology Statistics and Coding (Diskominfostandi) follows the Bekasi Mayor's Decree to transfer the radio tower network in Lavalmbu district.

The radio tower network was moved on Monday (10/28/2019) through a telecom information and communications engineering team working with third parties.

He said: "The signal tower is a tower made of a series of iron or pipes. The purpose is to place the antennas and receivers of the antennas and radio waves in the telecommunication and information waves."Diskominfostandi-radio-tower

Reza is accompanied by the executive of Sudung Halomoan, S. Kom explained that the tower triangle is a tool that supports Internet installation.

This tower is commonly used for amateur radio antennas and other antennas.

He said: "Many of us have encountered tower-shaped triangles in office buildings, schools and Internet cafes."