Indonesia Kaltara Radio Station In Will Be Required To Obtain An Electronic License Via The Internet

Date:Jul 30, 2019


On July 25, 2019, the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology of Indonesia held a radio station license and technical guidance for online submission through the Radio Kaltara Frequency Monitoring Seminar at the Lotus Panaya Hotel conference room in Tarakan.

Syahrullah Mursalin, head of the Kaltara Communications and Information Office, said the event was launched to give the public access to information, and each radio station must obtain an online production license through the website. That is, an electronic license.

He explained that an electronic license is a license and does not require interaction with officials of the Ministry of Communications and Information. “Now the system is digital. There is no need to send files to Jakarta. As long as the computer can connect to the Internet, the licensing process can be completed. Especially for non-governmental building permits, this process can now be done via the Internet,” Syahrullah is opening an electronic company. The socialization and technical guidance of licensed radio stations and online single submissions is said. For information, the use of electronic licenses is authorized by Permenkominfo No. The goal is to make the licensing business process more efficient, more efficient and transparent.

Syahrullah further explained that the local Communications and Information Office and the Radio Frequency Monitoring Communications and Information Technology Department regularly control the violating radio base stations if they are not licensed. “I hope that through this socialization, users will be more orderly in terms of frequency of use. Because Karena’s airport is located in the city center. Radio stations without licenses may disrupt airport communications and flight processes. For example, due to radio stations The use of any frequency has caused interference to BMKG Tarakan. We must prevent this because the primary task of communication and information technology is to guarantee the frequency of the airport," he concluded.