Indonesia's Losses Due To Forest Fires Reach IDR 75 Trillion In 2019

Date:Dec 30, 2019


"The World Bank has calculated that Indonesia ’s losses due to forest fires have reached 750,000,” said Agus Wibowo, head of the Information and Communications Data Center of the National Disaster Management Agency (BNPB), on Monday, 30/12, 2019. Billion rupiah. "

In 2019, the area of burned land in Indonesia reached 942,485 hectares. From this figure, the area of burned minerals is 672,708 hectares, and the peatlands are 269,777 hectares.

BNPB prepared for forest and land fires at IDR 3.4 trillion. Funding was used for signal interruptions, including emergency standby ground operations.

The total land area in 2019 increased from 529,266 hectares in 2018. However, this figure is lower than the 2.61 million hectares of forest and land fires in 2015.

"Although the price is high, it has fallen significantly since 2015," Argus explained.

Fires have not only occurred in Indonesia. Argus said that fires also occurred in many countries, such as Brazil reaching 5 million hectares, Russia's 8.43 million hectares and Bolivia's 5.3 million hectares of burned land.

In addition to forest and land fires, BNPB also documents the impact of losses from other disasters in Indonesia. The BNPB noted that some major disasters resulted in a loss of Rp 4.91 trillion.

Floods and landslides in Indonesia's South Sulawesi Province in 2019 lost 1.33 trillion rupiah. In addition, floods and landslides in southeastern Sulawesi caused losses of as much as Rp 1.91 trillion.

An earthquake in South Hama Hera caused a loss of 0.27 trillion rupiah. According to BNPB calculations, a flash flood in Papua caused a loss of IDR 1.4 trillion.