Indonesia Susdikhub Kodiklat Hosted A Disaster Emergency Communication Seminar

Date:Jul 16, 2019


Pusdikhub-Kodiklat-Disaster-Emergency-Communication-Seminar (2)

July 11, 2019(Thursday), Brigadier General Widjang Pranjoto, Director of the Indonesian Army Traffic, opened a seminar on disaster emergency communication systems organized by the Transportation Education Center at the Jl. Diponegoro Hall Pusdikhub Kodiklat Army.This event is part of the entire series of the 2019 Pusdikhub Exchange Festival.

The seminar also invited several spokespersons from external agencies with experience in disaster management activities,A spokesperson for the Indonesian National Disaster Management Agency (BNPB) and scholars and practitioners from the communications field.

Dirhubad said in his speech that the role and support of communication is very important in disaster management.“In an emergency situation, the concept of a degree and the planning and preparation process for disaster management and related stakeholders are needed,” said kata Dirhubad.

On this occasion, Dirhubad said,It is expected that the existence of this workshop will provide solutions and common vision and understanding in the implementation of communication systems in disaster management activities, and many obstacles and obstacles remain to date.

BNPB Surya Putra M. Kom, Director of Disaster Preparedness for BNPB, explained as the keynote speaker,Regarding the likelihood of natural disasters that may occur at any time, mitigation and management, and strategies and concepts for mitigation and disaster management, how to proceed from the central to the regional level.

Colonel Danpusdikhub Kodiklatad explains Chb Fitry Taufiq Sahary, S.E., M.M as the organizer of the organizer,In the future, this seminar will serve as an exchange forum for practitioners and scholars in West Java to integrate the potential of communication to cope with natural disasters.