Indonesian Bontang Police Kept Idulfitri Safe And Stable

- May 28, 2019-


Indonesian Bontang police issued an alert to the 295 Joint Force. The mission of the unit is to maintain the safety and stability of the next 13 days of Idulfitri.

Joint forces include TNI-Polri, Dishub, Orari, Satpol PP, Dinkes and Bhayangkara Scout.

Bontang police chief Siswanto Mukti said in the execution of the army title in the courtyard of the Bontang police station that the entire army will be divided into several teams, each of which will be placed in several positions, which will be warned during the operation, from May 29 ( Wednesday) begins.

According to Siswanto, the Bontang Police Department has established seven security and service stations, such as the Integrated Terminal, Loktuan Port General Post Office, Ramayana Integrated Post Office, Tanah Datar Service Station, Warming Service Post, Kersik Beach Security Post and Pantai Mutiara Security Post.

The presence of seven positions is expected to be very helpful for people returning home or having other activities, such as shopping centers and tourist attractions. The presence of security personnel in this position will provide a sense of security for the surrounding community.

“Our staff are wary of the points we have identified,” Siswanto said Tuesday, May 28th.

He explained that the 2018 Mahakam Ketupat operation began on May 29 and lasted for 13 days until Monday (06/10/2019). He called on the entire army to stand by and maintain the conditions of Sansalticap, and then maintain an orderly state in Bontang.

In addition, according to the tradition, the Indonesian Air Force dispatched F-16 fighters in the early hours of the morning, patrolling several cities in Java, and roaring low every morning to wake up people to get up and eat "Suhour."