Indonesian ORARI Appointed Staff

- Jul 09, 2019-



Indonesian Amateur Radio Organization (ORARI) plays an important role in the country's disaster. Orari provides radio communication support for disaster response and radio communication support for other important activities.

ORARI Lokal Yogyakarta (OLY) Chairman Rifqi Rizal said in a statement received in Jakarta on Monday (07/08/20). Previously, on Sunday (7/7/2019), Rifqi appointed OLY executives at the Galleria Prawirotaman Hotel in Yogyakarta.

The inauguration was attended by representatives of Rifqi Rizal and Balmon DIY. Rifqi invites all managers to perform their tasks with full responsibility and responsibility.

He also cautioned that ORARI aims to achieve Indonesian amateur radio with a wealth of knowledge and skills in the fields of radiocommunication and radio electronics, dedicated to national and national interests.

Between 2019 and 2022, Y Sri Susilo, Chairman of the OLY Education Group, said that in terms of disaster response, OLY also has a core of communication and resources, and it has been actively involved in providing emergency disaster support, especially in the DIY field. In the short term, the OLY work plan for the period 2019 - 2022 is preparing a database of plans and member management.

“The purpose of the work plan is to help OLY members expand their membership and update membership data published by the Director General of the Post and Information Technology Resources and Equipment, Communications and Information Technology, and the registration of new members,” he said.

Another work plan is to continue with daily activities such as NET Monitoring, Dxing & Contesting, Fox Hunting and Dukom. “Of course, OLY will continue to work with strategic partners such as Orda DIY, DIY Balmon, Police, DIY Local Government, Yogyakarta City Government and other stakeholders,” he said.

OLY managers from 2019 to 2022 include 25 people, including Rifqi Rizal (Chairman / YB2XPF), Edy Karsono (Vice Chairman / YC2YIZ), Andi Bharoto Setiawan (Secretary / YD2YYD) and Rudy Hartono (CFO / YC2VDI). In the management structure, there is a field of chairpersons, including organization, operations and technology.

In addition, there is a department chair, which includes membership, education and operations. In order to support the activities of the organization, a number of coordinators and departments have also been established.