Indonesian Orari Partners With News Organization To Deal With New Coronavirus

Date:Apr 22, 2020


The Indonesian Watansoppeng Amateur Radio Organization (Orari), in collaboration with three news organizations, held a social service in Watansoppeng to spray disinfectants and check body temperature to prevent the new coronavirus.

The three news organizations that carry out social services are Watansoppeng Journalists Association (IJS), Indonesia Journalists Association (PWI) and Online Journalists Association (IWO).

Social services are held in Marioriwawo, Lilirilau, Ganra and Lalabata areas and Donri-Donri areas. Disinfectants can be sprayed on the chapel, market and warkop.

He said he used infrared to test the temperature of the public and drivers.

The team leader Bvidos Syahrul said that this social service activity involves three Soppeng journalist organizations to help Pekkab decide on the spread of the new coronavirus.

Syahrul said: "The plan involves three organizations and the spraying targets are churches, markets and coffee shops."