Installed The First Public Telephone With An Emergency Notification System In Moscow, Russia

Date:Oct 21, 2020


The Russian Federal Communications Agency demonstrated a demonstration of a telephone alarm device based on a public telephone, which is a general communication service developed by the subordinate Russian Federation State Uniform Enterprise (RSVO).

Provided the function of the equipment for the management staff of RSVO, the function of this equipment is to broadcast the pre-recorded notification voice file to the speaker of the sound reinforcement unit located at the installation position of the public telephone.

Demonstrated the function of this equipment for broadcasting emergency signals from P166Ts series equipment, which is part of the country's top emergency system.未标题-3

This service confirms the high quality of the broadcast signal and notification information, and when the RSVO notification device is used for modification, all the phone functions are retained.

"We have worked hard for a long time to ensure that in addition to the main functions, public phones can also carry more products of equal importance-to alert the public to emergencies. The early warning system is the most important task designed to protect the lives of our citizens. These measures The implementation of this has already begun," Rosvitz Oleg Dukovinitzki said.

FSUE RSVO has the necessary capabilities and resources to develop and organize the production of public early warning systems based on the public telephones of the general service network.