International Space Station Selects Kenwood Radio TM-D710

Date:Mar 19, 2020


Kenwood Radio TM-D710GA is installed on the International Space Station (hereinafter referred to as "ISS"). "TM-D710GA" is a special model designed by Kenwood for use on the International Space Station. It was launched on March 7, 2020 with SpaceX CRS-20 (Falcon9 rocket). It is installed at ISS's European testing facility "Columbus" and will be used as a means of communication between astronauts and children on Earth, astronauts' leisure operations and an emergency communication method.kenwood-tm-d710

According to the requirements of the International Space Station Amateur Radio Station (ARISS), the new generation of wireless devices installed on the ISS can be operated with almost no gravity. The heat dissipation performance and operating functions have been improved, added and changed. Special specifications have been made for use by the International Space Station. 

The aircraft will be installed on the International Space Station's European test facility `` Columbus '', which will be used in the ARISS program `` School Connections '', where children around the world will experience communication with space and SSTV and transmission stationary Packet communication of images. In addition to its use in various scenarios such as voice repeaters, it will also play an important role as a backup communication method in the event of a failure of the communication network between the Earth and the ISS. The aircraft is scheduled to be installed on the International Space Station's Russian service module "Zvezda" by the end of 2020.